Semen Allergy: a Cause of Infertility?

I typically have a burning sensation in my vagina after my husband has ejaculated. My gynecologist has instructed I could have a semen allergy. Will this have an effect on my capacity to get pregnant?

Solutions from Shannon Ok. Laughlin-Tommaso, M.D.

In uncommon circumstances, individuals have been identified to have allergic reactions to proteins of their companion’s semen (semen allergy). Semen allergy is not a direct trigger of infertility.

Indicators and signs of semen allergy embody redness, burning, and swelling the place the semen has contacted the pores and skin, often within the outer genital space. Some individuals could have a systemic response, together with hives, itching, and problem respiratory. When you expertise these indicators and signs, see your physician. She or he can assist decide whether or not you could have a semen allergy. Allergy testing could also be crucial.

Remedy to desensitize your allergic response to your companion’s semen could help you conceive naturally. Nevertheless, in case your sensitivity to semen is extreme, your physician could suggest intrauterine insemination—utilizing sperm washed free of semen proteins to stop a response—or in vitro fertilization to turn into pregnant.

Up to date: 2015-01-16

Publication Date: 2015-01-16

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